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2D Graphics
Macromedia Fireworks forum covering using Fireworks to create great-looking, professional graphics for your web site, advertisements, or just for fun. Discuss methods and tricks for cool effects that can streamline the creation process.
January 12th, 2017 04:36 AM Go to last post
143 632
Flash forum coverting topics such as creating standalone movies, interactive demos, or cool web components, Flash is a solid foundation on which to base your work. Discuss how to work in 3D, drawing techniques, and more.
October 4th, 2017 11:31 AM Go to last post
1,941 6,158
Gimp forum covering the open-source alternative to high priced, professional graphics editing programs such as Fireworks or Photoshop. Join discussions about creating abstracts, animation, using brushes, coloring effects, and more.
March 2nd, 2018 03:47 AM Go to last post
269 443
Illustrator forum covering the creating of vectorized graphics. Take your work to the next level with information about drawing techniques, how to use effects and patterns, text effects, and 3D graphics creation.
by robertt
February 13th, 2018 04:01 AM Go to last post
232 526
Paint Shop Pro forum covering the popular graphics creation application. If you need to touch up a photo or creat web graphics, Discuss topics such as creating and using Tubes, brushes, text effects, layers, photo effects and more.
by Dkriz
April 10th, 2018 03:32 PM Go to last post
280 651
Photoshop (2 Viewing)
Photoshop forum covering the standard name in graphic design. Discuss tips and tricks, cool effects, and how to use the Photoshop tools more effectively.
June 20th, 2018 07:01 AM Go to last post
790 1,646
2D Graphic Articles (15 Viewing)
Here you can find the latest 2d Graphic tutorials published on Tutorialized.com.
by Admin
October 24th, 2013 03:00 AM Go to last post
24,066 24,387
3D Graphics
3DS MAX (1 Viewing)
3DS Max forum covering topics common to game developers, design visualization specialists, and visual effects artists. Discuss tips to create rich, complex design virtualizations, realistic game characters, or 3D film effects.
September 26th, 2018 06:06 AM Go to last post
921 1,974
AutoCAD forum covering the computer aided drafting software package, for 3D modeling, architectural design, engineering plans, and more. Discuss how to use this software effectively and create drawings that you never knew you could.
June 1st, 2018 01:15 AM Go to last post
106 224
Blender 3 forum covering the open-source alternative for 3D content creationDiscuss how you can use Blender for creating 3D graphics for web or video use.
February 15th, 2018 10:34 PM Go to last post
143 460
Bryce 3D forum covering landscape modeling, animation, and rendering. Discuss how to combine imported animations, lighting effects, add human figures and animals, and more to create realistic, detailed 3D landscapes and fantasy worlds.
January 11th, 2014 01:06 AM Go to last post
87 341
Cinema 4D forum covering the high-end 3D graphics application that provides high quality images at a modest price-point. Capable of procedural and polygonal modeling, animating, lighting, texturing, and rendering. Discuss it here.
by cd32
October 9th, 2015 04:39 PM Go to last post
136 351
Lightwave 3D forum covering the software originally created for the Commodore Amiga. Find out how use this cross-platform application to create stunning hi-resolution print graphics, dynamic video content, powerful motion graphics, and more.
April 20th, 2016 06:17 PM Go to last post
57 167
Maya forum covering the imaging software program that is used mainly for special effects in movies and modeling objects and characters. Learn how to use its open, programming architecture to create cool animations, 3D characters, and more.
October 3rd, 2017 06:11 AM Go to last post
292 628
3D Graphics Articles (5 Viewing)
Here is where you will find articles published on Tutorialized.com pertainging to 3d graphics.
September 18th, 2017 06:09 AM Go to last post
3,748 3,866
Web Design & Development
Adobe Flex forum covering building cross-platform, rich Internet applications and making extensive use of Flash. This robust application provides a software development kit and an intuitive IDE to help get you on your way.
September 1st, 2017 09:25 AM Go to last post
181 215
ASP (1 Viewing)
ASP forum covering the developing web applications on Microsoft technologies. ASP allows you to seamlessly create interactive web pages and web-based applications that are easy to modify, dynamic, and interactive.
July 28th, 2017 04:39 PM Go to last post
66 118
ASP.NET forum covering the power of ASP with .NET combined, allowing the creation of web pages and dynamic web applications with less code. In addition, discuss the ability to create applications in .NET compatible languages such as C#.
February 6th, 2018 06:42 AM Go to last post
207 304
ColdFusion forum covering the popular web development platform. Designed originally to support database access, this tag-based programming language has grown into a robust platform that makes it a good choice for web development.
January 31st, 2017 06:43 AM Go to last post
27 38
CSS forum covering Cascading Style Sheets. Css saves time when building a web site, allowing separation of the “look and feel” of a site from its content. This allows programmers to develop, while leaving the design to designers.
March 29th, 2018 09:37 PM Go to last post
70 161
Dreamweaver forum convering the web development tool originally owned by Macromedia. Supporting CSS, JavaScript, and a number of other web-related technologies, Dreamweaver allows you to visually create complex web pages.
December 7th, 2017 09:49 AM Go to last post
914 1,728
HTML (1 Viewing)
HTML forum covering the Hypertext Markup Language. At its core, HTML merely describes the structure of a web document, using tags to indicate sections such as headings, paragraphs, lists, etc. which browsers use to display pages.
January 29th, 2018 08:28 AM Go to last post
121 383
Java forum covering the language with the idea of “write once, run anywhere.” This popular language slowly got it’s start as a venue for building games and other programs that run within a browser. Discuss it here.
by skrrao
January 5th, 2017 10:10 AM Go to last post
96 129
Javascript forum covering the scripting language, which does not need to be compiled, and how it adds functionality to web pages. Javascript can be made to perform a number of useful tasks, such as respond to user actions, validate data, and more.
April 14th, 2018 05:49 PM Go to last post
200 299
Multimedia Fusion forum covering the software authoring tool that uses a “point and click” programming language, an image editor, a wide assortment of extensions, and supports DirectX and ActiveX controls. Discuss it in detail here.
August 18th, 2010 08:38 AM Go to last post
5 10
Microsoft FrontPage forum covering the tool designed to allow novice users to create and edit web pages without knowing any HTML. FrontPage is an HTML editor and web site administration tool, that supports automated web templates.
by engine
May 31st, 2017 03:23 PM Go to last post
99 153
Perl and CGI forum covering the open source programming language that was designed for data manipulation. As such, it has become a popular language for creating CGI scripts that generate pages dynamically based on external data.
by Foko
August 31st, 2017 06:41 AM Go to last post
47 57
PHP forum covering the widely popular language that lets programmers create web pages with dynamic content that can interact with databases. By using PHP, web application programmers can make their pages more interactive.
June 25th, 2018 01:17 AM Go to last post
406 1,121
Python forum covering the high-level open-source programming language designed with readability as one of its most important features. Though the core language is minimalist, there is a standard library that provides rich functionality.
August 13th, 2018 05:36 AM Go to last post
29 29
Ruby on Rails forum covering the open source web application framework built on the Ruby language and following the MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture. Developers using RoR appreciate the ability to create applications using less code.
January 28th, 2018 10:41 PM Go to last post
75 188
SEO forum covering the techniques used to optimize your website to rank well in search engines. Find out how Keyword Density, Page Titles, and Link Popularity all play a part in where your webpage appears in the search engines.
June 13th, 2018 05:10 AM Go to last post
36 125
Web Design (1 Viewing)
Web Design forum covering the things to consider when building a website: the look and feel, the theme, what kind of content it will feature, whether it will support ecommerce, how to optimize it for search engines, and so on.
February 20th, 2018 06:08 AM Go to last post
359 1,296
XML forum covering the communication standard that was designed to make it easier to share data across different information systems. This W3C-developed specification is a self-describing format that makes integration easier.
October 5th, 2017 06:07 AM Go to last post
32 63
This is the place to find articles published on Tutorialized.com that discuss web design and development articles.
October 30th, 2017 03:31 AM Go to last post
6,231 6,493
Business Applications
Microsoft Excel forum covering the creation of intricate and dynamic spreadsheets. Read here for discussion about using this robust application to enter values into a spreadsheet, and to use them for calculations, graphics, and more.
May 18th, 2018 02:30 AM Go to last post
219 322
Microsoft PowerPoint forum covering the easy creation of great looking presentations. Find out about features including word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools. Discuss these and more here.
December 25th, 2017 12:02 AM Go to last post
199 324
Microsoft Word forum covering the popular program that allows you to create and edit text documents, Documents such as letters, resumes, research papers, and more can all be created. This and more can be discussed here.
November 7th, 2017 04:56 PM Go to last post
145 174
QuarkXPress forum covering the industry leader for desktop publishing. Learn all of the tricks and techniques that make this software so popular. Master styles, Master Pages, creative design, page layout and more.
August 20th, 2010 04:31 PM Go to last post
7 20
Here is where you will find business application articles that have been published on Tutorialized.com.
by Admin
July 29th, 2013 06:00 AM Go to last post
702 751
Business Development
Accounting forum covering the practice of tracking income and expenses and using those figures to evaluate one’s financial status. Information about CPAs, payroll, taxes, popular accounting software, and more awaits.
by lunna
July 20th, 2018 02:20 AM Go to last post
81 193
eCommerce forum covering the technology that makes online businesses transactions possible. Learn everything there is to know about eCommerce and how it can work for you, including how it affects businesses, hosting packages, and more.
February 19th, 2018 09:45 AM Go to last post
59 167
Legal forum covering topics ranging from “How to Start an Online Business” to the “Legal Way to Reduce Taxes”, you are bound to find some useful Do-It-Yourself legal discussion? Let us show you the inside track on many different legal aspects.
May 4th, 2018 06:10 AM Go to last post
10 27
Marketing forum covering one of the most important ingredients to consider if you want to be successful in business. Discuss marketing strategies that will allow your business to maximize exposure, increase sales leads, monetize on advertising, and
August 2nd, 2017 04:38 AM Go to last post
68 184
This section houses every business development article that is published on Tutorialized.com.
by Jac
August 21st, 2018 12:51 AM Go to last post
459 531
DB Design forum covering concepts and strategies for designing solid database schemas. Learn why database design is so important, and how a good design can be the difference between success and failure. Discuss this and more.
March 17th, 2017 10:52 AM Go to last post
22 33
DB2 (1 Viewing)
DB2 forum covering BM’s data server software product , with its roots dating back to the 1970s. DB2 is a relational database management system that comes in a variety of versions, running on devices ranging from handhelds to mainframes.
by Amruta
October 5th, 2017 06:58 AM Go to last post
74 91
MS Access (1 Viewing)
MS Access forum covering the database-based application that is often used for small database tasks. Learn how, in the hands of a programmer, it can serve as a great tool for rapid application development.
April 9th, 2018 06:28 AM Go to last post
187 265
Microsoft SQL Server forum covering the relational database management system (RDBMS). SQL Server is scalable, encompassing users from small to medium companies all the way up to large enterprise firms. Discuss it here in detail.
January 17th, 2018 02:25 PM Go to last post
94 122
MySQL forum covering the open source relational database management system. MySQL uses Structured Query Language (SQL) as the method to access its data. Whether you use it for Linux or Windows, find discussion on it here.
May 15th, 2018 07:41 AM Go to last post
207 273
Oracle forum covering the long-time player in the database and data warehousing sphere. The Oracle database product is probably the template for all other SQL-based robust databases. Discuss more about Oracle here.
January 29th, 2018 02:06 AM Go to last post
45 59
SQL Basics forum covering the Structured Query Language standard. SQL is a common language recognized by many RDBMS software packages, that is designed to be a robust method for addressing the data stored in a database.
by Trims30
April 19th, 2018 01:59 PM Go to last post
449 800
Sybase forum covering the database of the same name. This RDBMS is designed for high-end enterprise level applications. The company offers versions for Windows, Unix, and Linux platforms. Discuss Sybase topics here.
October 17th, 2017 07:34 AM Go to last post
105 124
This section is home to all of the database articles that are posted on Tutorialized.com.
November 8th, 2013 03:55 AM Go to last post
360 368
Desktop Programming
C forum covering the popular C and C++ languages. C was developed in the 1970s originally created for the Unix operating system. C++ was developed from C in the 1990s by adding capabilities for object-oriented programming.
by lytong
December 25th, 2017 09:51 PM Go to last post
125 331
Delphi forum covering how Delphi was originally derived from Pascal. Delphi adds object-oriented capabilities to and already powerful language intended for use with Microsoft Windows. Discuss any Delphi topics here.
by acaribe
January 20th, 2014 09:41 AM Go to last post
73 128
Visual Basic forum covering the language derived heavily from the original BASIC programming language. Created by Microsoft, VB was created to endow developers with tools for quickly prototyping and building GUI applications in Windows.
January 15th, 2014 10:14 PM Go to last post
329 782
Visual C forum covering the Visual C++ family of compilers.Visual C++ contains the best and latest from all of its predecessors. The Visual C++ package is at it’s heart a powerful compiler, with an integrated IDE.
November 18th, 2013 03:15 AM Go to last post
109 270
This section showcases desktop programming articles that have been published on Tutorialized.com.
October 16th, 2014 02:52 AM Go to last post
822 832
Operating Systems
Linux forum covering the open-source operating system. Join discussions on how to install and get up and running in Linux. Topics include information about editing files, troubleshooting, security, networking, administration, and more.
June 24th, 2017 09:46 PM Go to last post
18 40
Windows forum covering the most installed desktop operating system on the planet. Discuss Windows tips and tricks, networking how-tos, system administration, software development, data recovery, and more.
December 5th, 2017 10:26 AM Go to last post
58 113
Here is where you can find articles relating to operating systems that have been published on Tutorialized.com.
April 15th, 2014 05:24 AM Go to last post
2,400 2,447
Video Editing
Final Cut Studio forum covering the high-end video editing package used by Hollywood film editors and corporate video producers. Discuss how you can leverage Final Cut Studio to compete with the experts for unbelievable results.
December 20th, 2015 07:53 PM Go to last post
21 26
Premiere (1 Viewing)
Premier forum covering the Adobe application used to create web videos, DVD movies, and more. A video design and creation software suite, this package enables you to create animations, add or edit audio, use special effects, and more.
November 11th, 2017 10:10 PM Go to last post
83 157
Here you can find articles pertaining to video editing that have been published on Tutorialized.com.
May 29th, 2013 07:02 PM Go to last post
174 185
P2P Filesharing forum covering peer-to-peer file sharing. Discuss how P2P has continued to evolve over the years, leveraging the power of its users to create a robust platform for electronic distribution.
June 21st, 2017 03:49 AM Go to last post
30 44
Web Hosting (1 Viewing)
Web Hosting forum covering what you need in order to have a website. Discuss what you need to know, so you can effectively choose a host, set up domains, administer your servers, build traffic, optimize your site, increase security, and more.
September 10th, 2018 04:11 PM Go to last post
279 388
Training Center
Have you created a cool tutorial and want to share it with the world? This is the place to post that completed tutorial!
by Pingu
December 11th, 2016 02:21 AM Go to last post
119 287
Getting stuck in Excel or Powerpoint? Need help with macros or anything else that doesn't quite fit into any other forum, this is the place!
by bill711
August 26th, 2013 10:56 AM Go to last post
93 161
The Showroom
Personal Creations (1 Viewing)
Want to show off your cool new creation? This is the place to post it and hear what a genius you truly are!
January 10th, 2018 05:14 AM Go to last post
314 1,802
Have the folks that browse Tutorialized, hop over to your site and give you some feedback.
January 10th, 2018 05:11 AM Go to last post
314 1,045
The Sales Floor
Buy and Sell advertising here.
December 21st, 2017 05:06 AM Go to last post
149 252
Need something? Offer a reward and encourage some friendly competition.
October 4th, 2012 10:13 PM Go to last post
53 151
Post your job openings or projects.
February 21st, 2017 02:54 PM Go to last post
151 313
Tutorialized Lounge forum discussing anything that doesn't fit into the other forums. This is a place to relax, talk, and even have some friendly debate. Walk softly and carry a big wiffle bat.
December 22nd, 2017 03:52 PM Go to last post
124 522
Latest News Updated Hourly
Technology News (2 Viewing)
Read about and discuss the latest happenings in the technology sector.
March 4th, 2017 06:43 PM Go to last post
89,590 89,605
Business News (1 Viewing)
Read about and discuss the latest happenings in the business sector.
April 5th, 2017 09:49 PM Go to last post
108,480 108,487
Science News (1 Viewing)
Read about and discuss the latest happenings in science.
by victu
June 6th, 2015 05:22 AM Go to last post
74,774 74,799
Forum Information
In order to use our forums we ask that you read all the forum rules and guidelines posted here. Rules may change from time to time, so check back occasionally.
by cskslm
September 25th, 2017 06:51 AM Go to last post
163 260
Come here to read about anything and everything related to the forums. Only administrators may post here, but everyone has read access. As we make changes and improvements to our forums, we will tell you about them here.
November 5th, 2014 08:32 PM Go to last post
35 110
Want to duke it out with one of your fellow forum members, or maybe just beat on one of our resident monsters? The Gaming Center is open for business.
September 17th, 2008 06:30 AM Go to last post
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Use this forum for either suggesting ideas or submitting feedback about our forums. Suggestions, constructive criticism, and other feedback appreciated.
December 25th, 2017 06:43 AM Go to last post
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Posted June 29th, 2018 at 02:23 PM by EagleVision:
Almost 10 years since I signed up...Crazzzyyy. Time is a weird concept
Posted March 31st, 2017 at 01:51 AM by _Kenny_Programing_:
No idea Eagle, good to see ya though bud
Posted April 2nd, 2016 at 10:32 PM by EagleVision:
& why am I not a moderator anymore? lol
Posted April 2nd, 2016 at 10:28 PM by EagleVision:
What is everybody up to nowadays...Crazy how time flies. :')
Posted February 15th, 2016 at 01:14 PM by Someguy:
So after 11 years of not logging in, I logged in today. On an IRC I'm on we got to talk about old places we used to visit.

Wow, look at all the "im a noob, plz help" questions I once asked! Kind of funny to look at that after all these years.
Posted October 31st, 2015 at 10:50 PM by _Kenny_Programing_:
Check In
Posted July 28th, 2015 at 08:03 PM by _Kenny_Programing_:
Checking in, Lookin good
Posted October 26th, 2014 at 06:58 PM by _Kenny_Programing_:
Checked in. =]
Posted January 11th, 2013 at 12:50 AM by _Kenny_Programing_:
lol whats up eagle, and i have no clue haha
Posted December 3rd, 2012 at 11:14 AM by EagleVision:
Hey guys...Wow it's been a while. Why did I pick such a stupid username lol
Posted November 5th, 2012 at 01:19 PM by _Kenny_Programing_:
test test 2 lol
Posted August 16th, 2012 at 03:09 PM by jamespayne:
test test
Posted April 27th, 2012 at 12:47 PM by _Kenny_Programing_:
27th of the month woot =]
Posted February 26th, 2012 at 11:30 PM by _Kenny_Programing_:
one year later wo0t
Posted February 27th, 2011 at 08:03 PM by _Kenny_Programing_:
they messed up the template...
Posted February 27th, 2011 at 08:02 PM by _Kenny_Programing_:
someone broke the website lol
Posted November 25th, 2010 at 03:28 PM by _Kenny_Programing_:
happy turkey day everyone lol
Posted September 30th, 2010 at 08:45 PM by _Kenny_Programing_:
i only played the games for like an hour... i havent played em really lol... i can beat all your scores easy, but ive been working alot lol, hurry
Posted September 30th, 2010 at 04:13 AM by Squibbit:
Oh, and I'll beat your high-scores later xD
Posted September 30th, 2010 at 04:12 AM by Squibbit:
What;'s up dude? I'm gonna be gone for a little while pretty soon (hopefully), so you'll have a lot more modding to do with any luck it won't be
too long, but it could be over a week... so just a heads up.

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