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Old July 29th, 2015, 06:57 PM
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How to model a Bullwhip with a physics, that can follow the character movement

Hey guys,

For a couple of days I'm trying to think of the method of how to create a bullwhip (as a weapon) for my character animation, that will follow his motion. I would animate it manually, but there are too many actions to be animated and I'm already running out of time. It also has to be rigged, as I need it in a coiled position to attach it on a character's belt (I'm gonna use a pose library for this action). Anyway, I've tried several things out, but without any satisfying result and I'm actually getting seriously worried about it.

*As I'm a new user, I'm not permitted to create posts containing URLs, so instead of youtube links, I'm gonna use the exact names of these youtube videos I want to review.

1. I don't want to create it from a curve like shown in this video (youtube video: How To Make A Physics-ey Rope In Blender by EnigmaToots), because then the curve shape will have the same thickness and it will look more like a rope or a wire rather than a whip.

2. I've also found this video ( youtube video: Blender rope tutorial by mookie3d), which can give some significant results, but even though I'm following every step made in this tutorial, I'm getting a different result - my mesh behaves like an actual cloth, it is getting flat, distorted, changes its thickness in several places. In some cases it inflates like a balloon or moves to slowly etc. Maybe I've missed something, 'cause there's no sound in this tutorial and the speed is very high... If someone knows how to keep the initial shape of the mesh during the cloth simulation it will help a lot, because I already tried almost all combinations of settings and values there.

3. I've even tried to use the rigid body method (youtube video: Blender Tutorial - Quick Rigid Body Fun by Blender Guru). I've created some kind of chain shapes and connected them with a rigid body simulation and turned on the "animated" option. I've added rigid body constraints (fixed type) to all of the chains to disable the "breakable" option. I then added these objects to an armature and made this armature the child of my character rig (from an object constraints.) After I play the animation, the chain follows the hand, but rigid body physics doesn't work anymore and its stiff like a firewood. What could be the problem?

Please give me some advice either for above mentioned methods how could be solved, or maybe u know some other way to make want I need... Thanks

Last edited by outandil : July 29th, 2015 at 07:00 PM.

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