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Old August 3rd, 2011, 06:41 PM
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Prisoner's Dilemma Strategy Help


Well I'm obviously new here and new to programming as well. I am almost complete with my first course and we are working with the iterated Prisoner's Dilemma using a genetic algorithm to play the game. I have managed to code just about everything except for the strategy and the memory for the previous three moves in the game. Any advice or help to program the strategy and memory would be great. The basic strategy is the tit-for-tat that works best in the PD. Below is the sample code for the player class of the program which is where the actually memory and strategy need to be coded (I have highlighted the needed area in red). If you need the entire program thus far I can email that if needed. Thanks so much for the help and advice.


PS- I am using NetBeans 7.0

<<Start Code>>

package tournament;

import java.util.Random;

* @author
public class Player {

private boolean Move;
private int Payoff;
private int [] Memory;
private int MoveCount;
private Random r = new Random();
private int totalPayoff;

public void setTotalPayoff(int totalPayoff) {
this.totalPayoff = totalPayoff;

public int getTotalPayoff() {
return totalPayoff;
boolean [] DNA = new boolean [64];

public void setDNA(boolean[] DNA) {
this.DNA = DNA;

public boolean[] getDNA() {
return DNA;

public int getMoveCount() {
return MoveCount;

public void setMoveCount(int MoveCount) {
this.MoveCount = MoveCount;

public boolean isMove() {
return Move;

public void setMove(boolean Move) {
this.Move = Move;


* Gets the Payoff value
* @return The value of the Payoff
public int getPayoff() {
return Payoff;


* Sets the value of Payoff
* @param Payoff
public void setPayoff(int Payoff) {
this.Payoff = Payoff;

* Default Constructor
public Player() {
MoveCount = 0;
Move = true;
Payoff = 0;
Memory = new int [3];
for (int i=0; i<64; i++)

public void strategy()
// TODO wtrite some strtegy
if(MoveCount <3)
Move = r.nextBoolean();
//Figure out how to code one of the three startegies

private void addTotMemory(int Payoff) {
Memory[MoveCount]= Payoff;
//how to represent the memory the map of the code GCT the number or an array
//and somehow figure it out map or array would be a good starting point
//but have to figure out how to do a map.



<<End Code>>

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