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Old February 15th, 2018, 07:11 AM
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Pagination not updating number of pages on select change

I have a script that paginates pages in a table, which works fine. I also have a dropdown to select how many records to show in the table. Although this works, if I select say 20 records the pagination does not update to reflect the change.

When the table is run, the default records to show is 8 whih makes 9 pages. But if I select 20 in the drop down it still says 9 and if I go to page 9 it is obviously empty. I am also wondering if it is possible to have the script appear in both before and after the table. the reson for this is if a user gets to the bottom of say 100 records, then I would like this feature so they don't have to go all the way back to the top.

I would appreciate any help as my javascript is not 100%. Many thanks

PS: From what i gather i have to re-rendering the inside the repaginate() function. Keep the<div class="pager"> where it is but move the bit that renders the actual pages inside the repaginate() function. Tried various options but not working. Any idea how I can do this as I am really struggling with it. Thanks

PHP Code:
echo "<table class='paginated' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'>";
"<div class='pager'></div>";
"<thead><tr><th style='width: 5%;'>#</th><th>Service</th><th>Activity</th><th>Dept</th><th>Company</th><th>Address</th><th>User</th><th>Item</th><th>Date</th><th style='width: 19%;'>Action</th></tr></thead>";

$row mysqli_fetch_array($result)){

$id $row['id'];
$service $row['service'];
$activity $row['activity'];
$dept $row['department'];
$company $row['company'];
$address $row['address'];
$user $row['user'];
$box $row['item'];
$date $row['date'];
$date date('d-m-Y h:i:s'strtotime($date));
$edit "<button type='button' class='btn btn-primary edit'>Edit</button>";
$action "<button type='button' class='btn btn-success action'>Action</button>";
$delete "<button type='button' class='btn btn-danger delete'>Delete</button>";

// each looped row

echo "<tr><td>".$id."</td><td>".$service."</td><td>".$activity."</td><td>".$dept."</td><td>".$company."</td><td>".$address."</td><td>".$user."</td><td>".$box."</td><td>".$date."</td><td>".$edit' ' .$action' ' .$delete."</td></tr>";

// End while loop
echo "</table><br /><br /></div>";

$(function() {
$('table.paginated').each(function() {
  var currentPage = 0;
  var numPerPage = 8;
  var $table = $(this);
  $table.bind('repaginate', function() {
    $table.find('tbody tr').hide().slice(currentPage * numPerPage, (currentPage + 1) * numPerPage).show();
  var numRows = $table.find('tbody tr').length;
  var numPages = Math.ceil(numRows / numPerPage);
  var $pager = $('<div class="pager"></div>');
  for (var page = 0; page < numPages; page++) {
    $('<span class="page-number"></span>').text(page + 1).bind('click', {
      newPage: page
    }, function(event) {
      currentPage =['newPage'];
      $(this).addClass('active').siblings().removeClass(  'active');
  var $numberPicker = $('<div class="numberPicker"></div>');
  var dropdown = $('<select class="options"></select>');
  $([5, 10, 20]).each(function() {
    var $num = this;
    $('<option></option>').text(this).attr('value', this).appendTo(dropdown);
  dropdown.bind('change', function() {
    numPerPage = this.value;

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