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Old November 24th, 2009, 04:58 PM
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Looking for Great Tech Teachers

Hi everyone!

My name's Koichi from - we're an open marketplace for education (think E-bay, except instead of selling your closet junk you sell your genius instead). We recently released a "tech" channel and are looking for teachers good in various "tech" categories. I feel like some of you here might be interested in teaching your skills and knowledge to others, so I wanted to put up this unconventional "job posting."

What we do:

eduFire is an open marketplace, meaning anyone can join to teach or learn. Teachers set their own prices, their own schedules, and students pay for and join classes that interest them. All classes are done live via a virtual classroom, which supports video/audio streaming, PowerPoint Presentations, screen sharing, polling, chat, and more. Anyone can join and teach, and teachers all have ratings and reviews given to them by students to separate great teachers from not so great teachers.

Tech Channel

We just opened up a "Tech Channel" and are looking for teachers to teach "tech" categories (like Computer/Web Programming, Operating System tutorials, Design, Software, and quite a few more). The Tech Channel's main aim is to help people gain the skills they might need to beat the bad economy and get a job / promotion. Of course, there are many others interested in learning for the sake of learning

What We're Looking for:

We're looking for great teachers who really know their stuff. I wanted to get the word out there about this opportunity for people who might be interested in teaching on eduFire. I know a lot of people who wish they could teach their knowledge and skills online but just don't have a good platform to do it. We have quite a few members who make a good living on eduFire (kind of like how people make a living on Ebay!).

Payment Model:

We have a couple of different payment models. Basically it's separated into two categories:

SuperPass: This is our subscription program - if you create a class and it is SuperPass, you get paid per SuperPass student per class. Each month changes in terms of the payout per student, and the goal is to get a lot of students. For example, November was $3.80 per student per class, so if you get 20 people in your class that's over $80 /class for you. The goal for this model is to get a lot of students and do more of a "lecture" style live class. I've seen a lot more success with teachers who do SuperPass over a la carte.

A la carte: You can also set your classes up as A la carte (and set a la carte prices to SuperPass classes for non-members). With this we take 15%, and you get 85% (essentially flipping the traditional education model on it's head). So, if you charge $10 for a class, eduFire would take $1.50, and you would get $8.50. There is also an option to do 1-on-1 sessions on eduFire, and you would set up a separate price for this.

Signing Up to Become a Teacher:

If you want to sign up to become a teacher, you can do so anytime over at There are also orientation classes available to try out the platform and learn more.

Have More Questions?

I'd be happy to help and answer any questions. You can e-mail me koichi at edufire dot com

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