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Old March 11th, 2013, 01:39 AM
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How to do Formatting Using Macros


I need to generate a document wherein corresponding values will be filled as per the database.
o I am using bookmarks for the same ( shown below) . Also I am using macros for the same ( Shown below ) .
The problem I am facing are:

1. Where there is no value for the particular field , my bookmark name is appearing ; whereas it
should be blank.
2. As per the example , I have 2 values for a particular field . and my value is appearing in a single line with @@

My Doc ::

Name : [Name]
Phone(Optional) : [Phone]
Country :[Country]

These are the three fields. I have used the bookmarks. Since my Phone column is empty sometime , it
should show me as a blank but , it is showing the bookmark.

Similary, Country field has two values say : India and America. The value should appear as

Country : India

Whereas my values are coming like India@@America

Please help me

My Macro ::

Public Sub DefaultMacro()
Dim lngCpt As Long
Dim strBookmarkName As String
Dim strBookmarkValue As String

FormatTable "Name", "@@", 1
FormatTable "Phone", "@@", 1
FormatTable "Country", "@@", 1

'Clear unused bookmarks

End Sub

Private Sub RemoveUnusedBookmark()
Dim lngCpt As Long
Dim strBookmarkName As String
Dim strBookmarkValue As String

For lngCpt = 1 To ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count
strBookmarkName = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks(lngCpt).Name
Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToBookmark, Name:=strBookmarkName
strBookmarkValue = Selection.Text
If strBookmarkName = strBookmarkValue Then SetBookMark strBookmarkName, ""
Next lngCpt

End Sub

Public Sub SetBookMark(ByVal pstrBookmark As String, ByVal pstrValue As String, Optional ByRef pwrdActiveDocument As Document, Optional ByVal pblnKeepBookmark As Boolean = True)
Dim wrdRange As Range

On Error GoTo ActivateError
If pwrdActiveDocument Is Nothing Then
Set pwrdActiveDocument = ActiveDocument
End If
If Not pwrdActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Exists(pstrBookmark) Then Exit Sub
Set wrdRange = pwrdActiveDocument.Bookmarks(pstrBookmark).Range
wrdRange.Text = pstrValue
If pblnKeepBookmark Then wrdRange.Bookmarks.Add pstrBookmark
On Error GoTo 0
End Sub

Private Sub FormatTable(ByVal pstrBookmark As String, ByVal pstrSeparator As String, ByVal pintNbrCol As Integer)
Dim strTemp As String
Dim strTemp2 As String
Dim intCpt As Integer

Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToBookmark, Name:=pstrBookmark
strTemp = Selection.Text

If InStr(strTemp, pstrSeparator) = 0 Then Exit Sub
While InStr(strTemp, pstrSeparator) > 0
strTemp2 = Extraire_(strTemp, pstrSeparator)
Selection.Text = strTemp2
For intCpt = 1 To pintNbrCol
Selection.MoveRight Unit:=wdCell
Next intCpt
If Len(strTemp) > 0 Then Selection.Text = strTemp
End Sub

Private Function Extraire_(ByRef value As String, Optional ByVal Separator As String = ",") As String
If InStr(value, Separator) = 0 Then
Extraire_ = value
value = ""
Extraire_ = Mid$(value, 1, InStr(value, Separator) - 1)
value = Mid$(value, InStr(value, Separator) + Len(Separator))
End If
End Function

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