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Old September 13th, 2008, 03:51 PM
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CGI Program

print "Content-type:text/html\n\n";

print "<title>Corruption Search</title>\n";

open(INF,"o.out") or dienice("Couldn't open co.out for reading: $! \n");
@data = <INF>;

print "<h2>Sort By Country and Province/State</h2>\n";

# First we initialize some counters and hashes for storing the
# summarized data.
$count =0;

#$r = 2;
$c = "";
$d = "";

foreach $i (sort bycountry @data) {

($count,$country,$state,$city,$education,$age,$gen der,$department,$who,$comment1,$hr,$min,$sec,$this mon,$mday,$year) = split(/\|/,$i);

if (lc($country) ne $c or lc($state) ne $d) {
print "<br><br>";
print "<font size=3>$country, $state </font><br>";


if (lc($country) ne $c or lc($state) ne $d) {

print "<table width=\"40%\">\n";
print "<tr bgcolor=\"red\"><th width=\"15%\">Department</th><th width=\"15%\">Who</th></tr>\n";
print "</table>\n";

print "<table width=\"100%\">\n";
print "<tr><td align=\"center\" width=\"20%\">$department</td><td align=\"center\" width=\"15%\">$who</td></tr>\n";
print "<tr align=\"center\" valign=\"top\" bgcolor=\"#FF99FF\"><td align=\"left\" colspan=\"10\">$comment1</td>\n";
print "<td align=\"center\" colspan=\"3\"><font color=\"blue\">$thismon$mday$year</font></td></tr></table>\n";

$c = $country;
$d = $state;

# this is the same as $count = $count + 1;


sub bycountry {
@a = split (/\|/,$a);
@b = split(/\|/,$b);
$a[3] cmp $b[3] || $a[2] cmp $b[2] || $a[9] cmp $b[9] || $a[17] cmp $b[17] ;


close INF;

print "To Start a new search, \n";
print "<a href=\"/corruptionc.html\">Go Back to the Search Page</a><br>";

print <<EndHTML;

sub dienice {
my($msg) = @_;
print "<h2>Error</h2>\n";
print $msg;

This program gives me an error and would not run. I do not why, could anyone help. Thanks.

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