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Old March 18th, 2010, 12:47 PM
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I have a problem . I have to draw a circle at a particular distance say 50 meters from a given lat/log.I refered to Aviation formula's and find a formula to calculate lat/log at a distance and at a bearing which is as follows:-

A point {lat,lon} is a distance d out on the tc radial from point 1 if:

lat=asin(sin(lat1)*cos(d)+cos(lat1)*sin(d)*cos(tc)  )

     IF (cos(lat)=0)
        lon=lon1      // endpoint a pole

This algorithm is limited to distances such that dlon <pi/2, i.e those that extend around less than one quarter of the circumference of the earth in longitude. A completely general, but more complicated algorithm is necessary if greater distances are allowed:

lat =asin(sin(lat1)*cos(d)+cos(lat1)*sin(d)*cos(tc))


lon=mod( lon1-dlon +pi,2*pi )-pi

for this i have written this coding:-

Private Sub cmdNextPoint_Click()
Dim lat2 As Double, lon2 As Double, theta As Double, d As Double,Aasin As Double,Aatan2 As Double
Pi = 3.14159265358979
d = 50
theta = 90 * 0.0174532925
txtLatitude.Text = 22.51791
txtLongitude.Text = 87.46598
Aasin = Sin(Val(txtLatitude.Text)) * Cos(d) + Cos(Val(txtLatitude.Text)) * Sin(d) * Cos(theta)
lat2 = atan2(Aasin, Sqr(1 - Aasin * Aasin))
Aatan2 = Sin(theta) * Sin(d) * Cos(Val(txtLatitude.Text))
Batan2 = Cos(d) - Sin(Val(txtLatitude.Text)) * Sin(lat2)
lon2 = ((Val(txtLongitude.Text) - atan2(Aatan2, Batan2) + Pi) Mod (2 * Pi)) - Pi
txtLatitude2.Text = lat2
txtLongitude2.Text = lon2
End Sub

Public Function atan2(ByVal y As Double, ByVal x As Double) As Double
If y > 0 Then
If x >= y Then
atan2 = Atn(y / x)
ElseIf x <= -y Then
atan2 = Atn(y / x) + Pi
atan2 = Pi / 2 - Atn(x / y)
End If
If x >= -y Then
atan2 = Atn(y / x)
ElseIf x <= y Then
atan2 = Atn(y / x) - Pi
atan2 = -Atn(x / y) - Pi / 2
End If
End If
End Function

in this i m finding a point which is at a distance of 50 meters from the latitude 22.51791 and longitude 87.46598 and at a bearing of 90 degrees.Somebody told me that to draw a circle i have to find out 360 points then by using the DrawPolygon method the circle can be drawn.So firstly i m finding one point.It is not giving me the desired result that should be latitude = 22.51841 and longitude = 87.46598.Can anybody help me .Just tell me where i m wrong.i m using mapwingis activex control.

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