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Old June 24th, 2007, 07:26 PM
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Start files you wanna start fast!

Hi, First off I'm going to describe what I mean.
Every wanna start your files fast? But always got to go to where every file is located and open it. Then theres another file you gotta open. Gets kind of stupid. So I'm going to tell you how to make just one file that will run your files you want to run.

No programs required just notepad. Your probably like notepad "pffft notepad lmao."

Step 1
make sure the files you want to open are files you always want to open together otherwise this isn't for you.
example I have a game making program and I want my program to open. I also want this picture to open. Oh! I almost forgot my drawing program. If thats your case then you've made it to step 2.

Step 2

go to desktop. Right click > New > Text Document. when you've done that you will see a New Text Document.txt on desktop. If you see that go step 3.

Step 3

Leave the text document on desktop for now don't open it.
find the files you want to quick start and right click them.
right click > Create shortcut. You will then see a shortcut appear in folder or destination of file. Move the shortcut to desktop. Repeat for all files you want to quick start. If you got the shortcuts on desktop proceed to step 4.

Step 4

On desktop Right CLick > New > Folder. New folder will be on desktop. Now put all the shortcuts in folder and rename folder to your likings. I perfer QuickStart. If done you'll have a filled folder of shortcuts. Go step 5.

Step 5

Open Folder with shortcuts. leave it open you'll need in two to one minute. Now open the text document.
when its open. Go to step 6.

Step 6

Start by typing in note pad.


when u've put start hit space and now put In the shortcut name so It looks like this.

START casesensitive.exe

If file requires a capital do so.

START Casesensitive.exe

Do that with all files so it looks like this.

START mediaplayer.exe
START Take1.exe

When you've gotten all the files names in it should look like the above sample. Go step 7.

Step 7

In notepad hit File a box will come down hit (save as).
A box will pop up find where you name the file.
it will have (NEW TEXT.txt) it wont say new text but somthing else.
Type in (Launch.bat) dont add the "( )" in name.
remeber to change the exe file ext. To bat file ext.
Step 8.

Step 8
Last step. Put the bat file in the folder with shortcuts.
put the folder in program files (c:/program files).
when the folder there go back in the folder.
right click Luanch.bat or whatever you named file and create shortcut.
Take shortcut and put on desktop.
Now that It's on desktop rename file. Right Click > rename.
the name of file will become editable.

Change It to what ever you want. For shortcut files you do not require to have file extension so just name It to somthing basic like QuickLuanch and hit enter.

That's it for the tutorial enjoy it.

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